Foundational Fun Summer

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Foundational Fun Summer Program

Foundational Fun Summer is a day camp that is designed to help children
 become more comfortable in their bodies and at ease in their learning. This program uses a variety of modalities that complement Waldorf Education.

Children will engage in activities that involve movement and visual arts through age-appropriate games and stories. Classes will include dancing, gardening, painting, and clay modeling, with exercises drawn from Extra Lesson, Spatial Dynamics, and various Reflex Integration methods.

During our time together we will have afternoon outdoor adventures in nature, swimming lessons, and four horseback riding lessons at River Valley Riders in Afton.

Special emphasis will be given to each child’s individual needs with regards to fine motor, gross motor, and self-movement abilities and to developing healthy social skills. Rhythmical Massage and Reflex Integration work will be offered to campers individually to further support sensory development and integration.

Foundational Fun Summer program begins June 19 and runs through June 30, 2023.

For complete information about our Foundational Fun Summer Program for 2023, please download our flyer.

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Program Leaders

Neela Bettaglio, Ann Meany, and Conradine Sanborn together bring a wealth of experience in the field of teaching, movement arts, holistic therapies, and visual arts.

If you have any questions regarding Foundational Fun Summer program for children, please contact our leaders.

Current recommended COVID-19 safety
and health protocols
will be in place.

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Program Details

Ages: This program is for students
entering Grades 1st through 3rd

Time: Mondays through Fridays
9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Location: Classes will be held at the Minnesota Waldorf School. 70 East Country Road B, St. Paul, MN 55117

RVR Form: For horseback riding lessons, students will need a complete and sign the River Valley Riders Emergency and Release Form. Download RVR Form.

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Program Registration + Fee

Week 1: June 19-23
Week 2: June 26-30

Program Fee: $450 per week for campers and $350 per week for camper assistants. Tuition assistance is available based on need.

Program Registration Form: Please fill out and sign the form prior to the beginning of camp. Download the Program Form.

Please Note: We are limiting registration to 9 campers and 3 older camper assistants (entering 6th grade or older) for the 2023 Summer program.


Camp Enrollment is Full. Registration is Closed.

Questions About Foundational Summer Fun?

Please contact program leader Conradine Sanborn
at or use the contact page inquiry form
or call 651.233.3566