After-School Program

Enhancing Kids’ Learning & Capacities

Designed for a small group of fourth-grade students, this program offers a variety of activities chosen to help children work with the capacities for touch, balance, and movement. Key benefits of the program include building self-confidence, mastering fears, forming friendships, and being out in nature.

The program meets weekly after school for a total of 20 sessions. Children ride horses, rock climb, cross country ski, do Extra Lesson, and cranial sacral work. Each activity is done in five session blocks. In the fall, we ride horses at River Valley Riders in Afton.

After Thanksgiving, we join a cranial sacral therapist for a block of Cranial Sacral/Extra Lesson sessions at school. In the winter we cross-country ski at neighboring golf courses and parks. We finish the after-school program with a block of rock climbing sessions at Vertical Endeavors.

Each of these activities help the children work with the capacities for touch, balance, and movement. They learn how to work in cooperation with each other and with an animal, building self-confidence and mastering fears with the added benefit of being in nature. This program also gives them the opportunity to connect with each other socially outside of the school day allowing them to deepen their friendships.

Program Details

Ages: This program is for students in Grade 4
Hours: Wednesdays 3:30–4:30 or 5:15 p.m. (depending on the block)
Location: Program locations vary throughout the school year.

Permission Forms

In order for your child to participate in our After School Program, we request parents to download and fill out our After School Program Registration Form and the River Valley Riders Emergency Release Form. Both forms are PDFs and can be filled out online. Please email the completed forms to Conradine Sanborn. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.


Program Fee: $450.00 for the school year with all services included. Financial assistance is available if needed.